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26 Remember The Scar
10.00 0 0
This is a small site that is gradually growing. It is for Harry Potter fans primarily but anyone is welcome to join. Comments
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27 Dumbledore's Army
10.00 0 0
A new Harry Potter site that has all of the lastest HP News, forums and anything Harry Potter! Comments
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28 Mischief Continues
1.00 0 0
It has been a long time since Harry Potter and his friends roamed Hogwarts, and longer since the Marauders called the castle home. But now, many years after the second Wizarding War, comes a new gener Comments
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29 Hogwarts Academy
0.00 0 0
It is 10 years after Voldemort's demise, yet there have been whispers of the up rise of a new dark lord. You must choose your side, live or die... Comments
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30 Sennera Magical Academy
3.67 0 0
Sennera Magical Academy is a premier magical institute of learning residing in the sunny state of California, USA. Come join us and shape our world at our non-canon Potterverse school! Comments
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31 Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry
NR 0 0
Harry Potter RPG where you can interact with classes, quidditch, students, and professors. NEW SITE! 2009. Comments
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32 Absit Omen
9.92 0 0
Ten years is a long time. And Time heals all things. Hearts, castles, heads. But an anniversary has a way of making Time roil its winds on the world, sending currents of uncertain change through streets and veins. Do the strange events of 2008 bode darkly Comments
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33 Prophecies In The Dark
9.56 0 0
76 Years have gone by, without any major turmoil. Now in 2001, there are professors and even Hogwarts' students being murdered. Will the Ministry find the killer or will Hogwarts be forced to close? Comments
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34 Hogwarts School
7.00 0 0
Hogwarts School is a well laid out site set in Harry Potter's third year at Hogwarts. We have staff that is on daily, as well as over 50 boards to roleplay on. Tones of cannons and originals are stil Comments
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35 Hogwarts Legerdemain
5.00 0 0
The Them and Us in the magical world has changed radically: Are you prepared to face it? Comments
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36 Broken Timeturner
3.33 0 0
Broken Timeturner is set in Harry's 7th year. Hermione and Draco are sent back in time using the timeturner to try to prevent the Dark Lord from rising.

In their world all is ruled with a iron fist,
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37 The Invisible Cloak
5.89 0 0
War has erupted throughout the magical universe after Voldemort's fall. Adults are fleeing to Hogwarts in hopes of training the students to fight. Which side will you choose? Adult, Student or Enemy. Comments
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